Whatsapp Media Downloads to Get Speed Boost and May Remove Compression


The Whatsapp team is working on multiple updates and out of the lot, the upcoming multimedia server protocol sounds like an important technology that most people need.

Compared to the past, the app is now being predominantly used to share videos, music, files and gifs. A lot of enterprise users rely on it for day to day business activities. People share large amount of multimedia files over the app which increases the stress on the current servers. Whatapp has planned to upgrade it to the latest technology. The Multimedia Server Protocol is a protocol designed by none other than Microsoft that makes it extremely reliable and faster than the current technology.

Whatsapp Media Get Speed Boost

This particular protocol will be implemented on the Facebook servers from which Whatsapp videos, images and gifs will be handled. According to the developers, the implementation will allow users to quickly and simultaneously download multiple media files at once. At present, the app has the feature already but it is not possible for Whatsapp to handle many files at once without slowing down or causing some issues at times.

Faster Way to Share Media

With the help of the multi media server protocol, the app will be able to provide the bandwidth required to download media files without any hiccups. The upgrade will make use of the full potential that Facebook servers have to offer. When it can handle so much load on the Facebook site, the servers are more than capable of handling Whatsapp files as well and all it needs is the protocol which will be integrated soon.

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The developers will have complete control over the value, the number of content a user could share simultaneously and download at once. Earlier, it was limited to just 10 photos or multimedia files at once. After a lot of users requested the value to be increased, Whatsapp has planned to push it further so that it makes it easier for professionals.

Whatsapp Media Remove Compression

Uncompressed Files

An important feature which if rolled out to Whatsapp will make it the best communication app of all time. The photos and videos are significantly compressed in size, in quality so that it can be easily downloaded over a 3G or 4G network. However, the developers are working on a way to provide uncompressed versions of audio, video and especially images. It will most probably be rolled out as an opt-in feature for Whatsapp users on iOS and Android in a future update.

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