Google Android OS Won’t Get Dark Mode but Apps Will


The rumored news story that circulated the internet has finally been put to rest by Google.

The claim was that Android operating system will soon receive a dark mode and people will be able to switch to it when they use it in the night.

Developers managed to find some codes related to it in the OS’s underlying design and the dark mode is one of the most anticipated features that many have been requesting for a very long time now. The rumor made millions of fans happy as they no longer have to fumble with brightness levels on their ultra-bright OLED screens and not use any third-party apps like night owl to keep the phone at moderate levels in pitch black conditions.

Google Android OS Won’t Get Dark Mode but Apps Will

Google was quick to react as they issued a statement confirming that Dark Mode is never going to make its way to the Android operating system. The company blamed that their AOSP issues team has sent the wrong message that led to this assumption and no such mode is in development for the operating system. The statement further added that they will always allow app developers to have the setting to switch between dark and light modes. Popular apps like Twitter among many others use dark mode which makes them convenient to use in the night.

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From a user perspective, it sounds easy to switch the entire phone from light to dark mode at will. For developers, it looks like a nightmare as it would affect every app available on Android and will also make it extremely difficult to maintain the materialistic design when the dark mode is switched on. Besides, each app developer should accept and roll out an update which makes things furthermore complicated than it already is.

Google Android OS Won’t Get Dark ModeWhile the development team has continued to said otherwise in the past whenever asked about the dark mode for Android, the latest announcement confirmed that it may never receive such a feature owing to technical difficulties. The toggle mode will be exclusively available for developers as they have to check how their app looks and works in multiple settings including a mode which uses black as its primary color.

The iOS operating system doesn’t offer any kind of customization so as to provide a more stable experience while Android is always versatile to meet users’ needs but it may not include a dark mode,after all, going by what Google said now.

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