Google Lens is Expanding to More iOS and Android Phones

Google Lens

Google Lens is an innovative idea which makes it easier for travelling and to help understand things that you see in random locations.

The feature which was originally announced only on Google Pixel phones and Google Photos will soon be rolled out to many iOS and Android devices.

Google in an official announcement today confirmed that they are going to bring their services to as many supported devices as possible to. On all Android devices that run the latest Google Photos app, Google Lens will be rolled out to provide users more ways to get information on things they need and to help them through tough journeys.

Google Lens is Expanding to More iOS and Android Phones

For starters, the developers will roll out Lens for all devices that support English language and future updates will focus on making it compatible with other major languages. Google in their announcement clarified thatall compatible flagship devices will receive an update on their camera as well as the Google Photos app. Once the update is rolled out, users will be able to point their camera at any board, sign or a language description in order to get it translated into English immediately.

While the initial rollout will be limited, Google plans to release it on as many devices as possible to make the service easily accessible for most.With Google Lens, you can get almost any work done without much difficulty. The user should scan any landmark or object using their phone’s camera. The photographs will be processed by the powerful AI technology which is Google Assistant and it also makes use of the massive search database the company has.

The photographs taken will be processed and you can easily know the location, landmark, any animal or plant among a range of different stuff. It even allows users to find a different breed of a dog by simply taking a photograph, identifying plant life and even find historical facts about a less known landmark. The Lens does automatic translations allowing users to find routes, ingredients in a food packet and get to their location without having to seek help from a local passerby.

Google Lens is Expanding to iOS and Android Phones

When combined together, Google Lens is a powerful tool for everyday life and travelling but the only catch is that it is not available in too many devices now. It is about to change when it is rolled out on iOS and Android smartphones in the near future. iPhone users would definitely enjoy the feature which was exclusive to Android so far.

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