The Teen-Focused Lifestage App from Facebook Rolled Out Onto the Android Platform

Facebook Lifestage App

Facebook had made it very apparent on many occasions that it is keen on making video a crucial element on all its social networking platforms as it believes that the future of social media will be completely video-based.

And so the social media networking giant has been focusing very heavily on pushing its video features. To keep up with this desire of the company, Facebook had launched an app in August called the Lifestage app that was specifically targeted towards the teenagers. This app allowed the teenagers to share video clips with their friends and family. It was first launched on the iOS platform. Though the app was available for download for everyone, the users had to be less than 21 years of age in order to view the profiles of other people. Now the app is all set to arrive on the Android platform too.

Facebook Lifestage App

Lifestage App for the Teen Users

Lifestage was created mainly for the high schoolers, who are not yet ready to participate in the social networking Facebook. Another reason that the youth decline to participate in the Facebook network is due to the presence of their parents, grandparents, and the whole family mass influx.

The Lifestage app allows its users to upload video clips according to the likes, dislikes, and all the other aspects according to their interests and character. All these video clips are then linked together in order to develop visual profiles of the users. One interesting feature of the app is that it includes an option using which the teenagers can report or block the older users. The users can post the videos according to their interests and can replace them later whenever they wish to change it with the available options. The app includes many emojis and filters, both of which seem to be of great use and interest to the teen users.

The company had clearly stated in its note that everything the users will post on the Lifestage app will be public always by default and can be viewed by everyone who is from inside or outside the user’s school. There is no option for the users to limit the audience from viewing their video clips. The authenticity of the information regarding the school to which the user claims to be going cannot be confirmed if the user is actually going to the same school. The app has an “Unlock” option that allows the users to unlock their school so that they can see what the other students who are around them in the same school are up to. All the videos that are uploaded to the profile of the user will be made fully public content.

Lifestage App for Teen Users

Lifestage was another attempt made by Facebook to deal with the competition from its arch rival Snapchat, another popular social media app which has been gaining a lot of traction from the teen users.

The Lifestage app was first launched on the iOS platform and it is now available for download at the Google Play Store for the Android users.

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