Video Calls are About to Get Wacky with Instagram Live Face Filters


It’s official! The developers have officially confirmed in their blog that they have launched face filters to live broadcasts done on Instagram.

Theapp war between Snapchat and Instagram continues as both companies continue to launch one or the other new feature to keep their users on board. Both these platforms target the young and it’s quite difficult to retain them unless there is something new to meddle with almost every week.

The newest feature that Instagram bets on is to allow people to add face filters, wacky faces and stickers even when they are live on cam. Gone are the days when you have to take a picture, make it look all silly and forward it to all your friends for a great laugh. Things are expected to be more live and instant which has pushed the developers to add filters even as a live broadcast is in progress.

Instagram Live Face Filters

Next time, when you are about to call a friend to wish him or her happy birthday, you can choose to start the conversation off with rabit ears, sun shade coolers or just a crazy sketch on your face. Making use of the sensors on your smartphone and the newest changes made to the app, it will be able to detect your movement and change the filters accordingly. There is no need to stand in one place or struggle to keep that ears on your head appropriately placed.

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For professionals, this should be a huge addition as they will be able to make use of more professional filters and add a new level of engagement to their live broadcasts.

Instagram Live Face Filters sunglasses

Here’s How to Use Filters on Instagram Live Broadcast

  • The filters work at all times. You can either choose to add them while still on a call or open the interface up even before placing the video call
  • Just tap on the face icon and it will instantly pop up
  • Try a bunch of new looks and find the most craziest of them all before you call your friends
  • Surprise them and you can also change those filters on the go

Sunglasses is the newest feature that Instagram wants you to make use of. It is an exclusive filter which when applied will allow you to change the scenery reflected on those glasses. You can make it look like there is a beach or lush greenery on the other side. Once the broadcast is over, you can discard all filters and the live video will disappear from your app.

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