Google Chrome on Android Can Now Clean URLs Before You Share Them

Google Chrome on Android Can Now Clean URLs Before You Share Them

Google keeps the best features for their Android operating system before they are rolled out to other platforms.

The Chrome browser on Android is easily the best to browse websites, watch videos and so on because it is designed from the ground up to run seamlessly on the mobile OS.

In the past, Google Chrome on Android received some nifty features. The developers rolled out a powerful ad blocking feature which is an important addition to every user. After all, there are too many websites out there that relies solely on pop-up ads and will annoy users to the core that you might end up closing the website. When there is some work to be done using the particular website, there is no option that you have to usually put up through an endless array of pop-ups which was finally put to rest by Chrome. It also saved lots of users from having to witness their Android phone hanging due to excessive tabs being opened at the same time.

Google Chrome on Android Can Now Clean URLs

The development team of Chrome for Android later started filtering ads that not only created pop-ups but also links that re-directed you to bogus websites every time you click on them. After putting an end to the most common issues that would hinder your browsing experience, Google has now come up with a feature which would ensure the links you share are not unnecessarily lengthy and doesn’t have any unwanted codes in them.

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If you want to make use of this new feature, make sure to download the latest version of the Chrome Browser version 64 on Android. The browser now has a feature which helps you trim of the codes that are attached to URLs that help websites track your movement, your location, affiliate links and other content which are not essential for it to open the intended page. You have to make use of the Chrome share menu which is accessed by clicking on the three dots found in the top corner of your browser.

Google Chrome on Android Now Clean URLs Before You Share Them

The feature allows you to copy links and share them in Whatsapp groups without annoying a bunch of people. It improves privacy but works only when you use the share feature. You still have the option to manually copy and paste any link if you don’t want the browser to trim any details. Users who have set their Android to auto update will have the latest version of Chrome browser already and can use the share menu right away.

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