Swype Keyboard on Android and iOS will No Longer Receive Updates

Swype Keyboard on Android and iOS will No Longer Receive Update

The Google Play Store has so many amazing keyboards to choose from and Swype is easily one among the best.

The keyboard is known for its exceptionally good response time and the customization options provided by the developers.

For ardent fans of Swype Keyboard, here comes some bad news as a Redditor has confirmed the developers have decided to discontinue rolling out any new updates to the software. The business model that they have built using the app isn’t doing so well due to extreme competition in Google Play Store and the same goes for iOS where most would end up using Apple’s default keyboard than going with a third-party app.

Swype Keyboard iOS will No Longer Receive Updates

The official announcement is yet to be made by the app developer but if you are a long time user of the Swype keyboard, this should be the time to make a change. The message published by the random person on Reddit claims, Nuance, the company behind the Swype+ Dragon keyboard on Android will no longer focus on direct to consumer products. They are planning to create more AI solutions for enterprises as it is a more lucrative method to sustain their business in the long run. The same version of the app which is also available on iOS will be discontinued.

The development team has no plan to completely remove Swype keyboard from the Google Play Store because they have too many fans who are using it on the Android platform. Some users do use it on Apple iOS operating system and it shouldn’t be a problem if you want to continue using it. The app will be available to download on Android and even new users can consider using it if they find it more intuitive than other apps.

Swype Keyboard on Android and iOS will No Longer Receive Updates

The lack of updates for Swype may create issues in the future because it’s not just a keyboard but the app that you use but also where you type all your passwords as well as confidential information including e-mail. When the developers stop rolling out updates and support the app, they may not provide assistance in case their database of content gets hacked or if hackers gain access to user data due to lack of security updates.

Swype on Android has many viable alternatives like Fleksy, Swift Key,and GBoard which you can download to replace your current keyboard. Each one of them has unique features and you can find your best fit.

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