Some of the Xbox One Games for 2016 Worth Considering

Xbox One Game Battlefield 1

Ever since its inception in 2016, the Microsoft gaming console Xbox One has captured the hearts of many people all over the world.

Interestingly, the console is home to games of a plethora of genres such as fantasy and action. As of date, the device is among the latest in the Xbox series, and is preceded by the Xbox and Xbox 360 to mention just a couple of them. The unit has various settings option to help you enjoy each game at its best. Undoubtedly, in many ways, the gaming console stands at par or even a step ahead of its competitors. Here, we present you a list of games that you as a gamer must not miss out playing on the Xbox One. Remember that this list is not exhaustive and is only a guide to help you get started.

Xbox One Game Destiny


Over the past two years since its release, the online only Destiny game has appealed to game lovers of all age groups. The first person shooter game offers great sci-fi adventure and sends you on a shooting spree in the Solar System in order to guard the Earth from aliens heading for an attack. Game controls are quite precise and responsive, which in turn helps you keep pace with the fast encounters coming your way. As a shooting game, Destiny offers a slew of weapons pistols, snipper and assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and more. Each weapon presents multiple variations with different fire and damage rates, as well as damage types.

Star Wars Battlefront

Although this Xbox One game does not have very precise controls and good weapon balance, Star Wars Battlefront does captivate gamers with large scale battles. It presents an array of AT-ST and AT walkers rampaging all around, while A-Wings and TIE fighters wage their battles in mid-air. The key highlight of the game is undoubtedly attributed to the graphics rendered. This in turn makes the entire game setting look quite realistic that in turn shows its influence in the battles being fought. All in all, the game gets a top rating in the looks department with a lot of onscreen action happening at a time and a frame rate of over 60fps.

Titanfall 2

A recent release, the Titanfall 2 is all about discovering a bond between machine and man. This Xbox One game can be played in single player and offline modes. In the single player mode, the player enters into the frontier arena as a rifleman from the military and aspires to become a pilot. Very often, the gamer gets marooned among the enemy troops and comes face to face with many odds. He or she must join Titan in carrying out a mission that is not part of the original plan. The Xbox One game presents a different tangent in multiplayer mode. Respawn is the name of the game in this mode that offers more variety and depth with a robust progression, additional customization choices, six extra Titans and in depth pilot abilities.


The 2016 version of this shooting game is all about ripping and tearing. Fast paced gunplay is an outstanding feature that makes Doom stand out. With a whole lot of minions prancing about, the player runs around as if his pants are on fire. As this is being done, the enemy is targeted on the face with the barrels of the gamer’s shotgun. When the player runs out of ammunition, he or she chooses weapons from the vast collection available. Alternatively, a demon is cut into half using a chainsaw. It is worth noting that it is more interesting to play Doom in single player mode than the multiplayer version.

Xbox One Game Doom

Forza Horizon 3

The Xbox OneForza Horizon 3 is a racing game that has its settings based in Australia and makes the player experience a slew of environments. The goal is to build a garage for the gamer’s racing car based on own preferences. Not only can you do what and when you want for this, you can choose whom you want to do it with. The Xbox One game appears as a road trip that the player wishes will never come to an end. With incredible graphics, he or she will find himself or herself driving through dusty dunes in an Ariel Nomad. Sometimes, the player may end up driving a Lamborghini Centenario on the streets of a town.

Quantum Break

Without doubt, Quantum Break is one game that players must add to their Xbox One library. The game gives the player access to a whole range of time control powers and presents a few unique gaming moments. Following a dynamic storyline, crisscross the environment by going back in time or indulge in a melee attack through a bullet firing spree. The gamer can also stop the game from progressing and stack up his or her bullets for an unsuspecting enemy. Actions and decisions are taken as the player plays. This offers a possibility of playing the same episode of the game in various ways.

Dishonored 2

Like its predecessor, Dishonored 2 is truly a stealth game. After being overthrown from Dunwall, the player is set to explore the area of Karnaca. How the player goes about the exploration in this Xbox One game is a matter of a personal choice. He or she can roam around stealthily as a pacifist working out ways for a non-lethal attack or a maniac rushing inside a building through the front door to kill the enemy. Whichever option the gamer prefers, surplus powers, abilities and weapons make it worth trying a hand at the game.

Xbox One Game Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

This game is best played in multiplayer style. Apart from the standard modes, there is a new operations mode that makes Battlefield 1 distinct. This mode encourages players to wage wars over various maps to expand their territories. The actual combat can be quite brutal with the player’s bombs and missiles creating a lot of damages. These include toppling of buildings and swelling gas clouds. Each time the player gets ready for an attack, the feel of entering a warzone is created.

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