Google Hints Android P Could be called ‘Popsicle’ and Reveals More Details with New Screenshot

Android P

Google is already working on the next big update, Android P operating system, which is in its final stages right now.

While developers have access to it, the common users can only catch glimpses of it through screenshots as the ones posted online recently.

Based on what we saw on the first screenshot, Google has completely revamped the navigation bar in Android P which is speculated to be called the ‘Popsicle’ and it is a major change when compared to the 8.1 Oreo. The developers first posted the full screenshot on the official blog but later cropped it to cut out the navigation bar for some reasons. However, here’s the full image shared by a weibo user.

Google Android P

Android P is Different from Oreo in Many Ways

The Android operating system has come a long way since the days of KitKat and the designers continue to make it better. The time has now come to change it even further so as to adapt to the changing trends with new phones going bezel-less and supposedly using full-screen gestures. The center home button has undergone a major overhaul as it no longer looks like a solid circle but is pill-shaped.

The multitasking button cannot be spotted in the screenshot and the pill-shaped home button is more of an outline rather than a prominent button that it used to be. Google is planning to make the overall interface more intuitive and the back button will automatically hide when it is not in use. Besides, with the help of AI it also identifies when there is a requirement for a back button and will not appear at all if the app doesn’t require the functionality.

Inspired by Apple iPhone X

Going by the design revealed in the screenshots, the navigation bar looks like it took design cues from the iPhone X and features a clean design. They are going to remove the multi-tasking button so as to make way for the swipe up gesture to complete actions.

New Range of Android P Wallpapers

The team has also released a few Android P wallpapers on their official Instagram account, as spotted by BGR, and they look as gorgeous as they have always been. As it was released by Google, it is expected to be the official batch of wallpapers which will be made available on P later when the operating system comes out of beta and is made available to flagship models.

Google shared five different summer-themed wallpapers which denote Foliage, Bikers, Kites, Beach Shots and the last one being a picture of Popsicles. Going by the naming convention followed by Google, it could very well be the name of the next Operating system from Android! Check out the images below and download and use in your phone if you like to.

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