Latest MIUI 9.5 Brings Full Screen Gestures to Xiaomi Phones Making Them Better than Apple iPhone X

Xiaomi MiUi 9.5

Xiaomi wants their users to get the iPhone X experience by being able to swipe their fingers and get things done.

The company’s innovative 17:9 aspect ratio introduced in the Xiaomi Mi Mix will be put to good use when the latest MIUI 9.5 version gets launched.

The developers wanted to make full use of what the large screen display and the unique aspect ratio has to offer. With a view to give users control over the display, the company is rolling out full-screen gestures with the latest MIUI update. To make things simpler, they have also added a couple of GIF images in the official Mi blog to show how these features work and you can access them to complete actions.

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Introduction of the Quick Ball

If you haven’t heard of assistive on-screen roaming buttons yet, you probably do now because this is what Xiaomi believes to be the future of smartphones. Almost all major smartphone manufacturers including iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Honor phones have removed the fingerprint sensor and home button in the front.

MIUI 9.5 version

The sensor has been moved to the back and any kind of navigation done using the physical buttons is a thing of the past. Your only option is to make use of the display and gestures to get things done. The Quick Ball roaming buttons pop up as soon as you start making a gesture and when you finish the sign, it will trigger the appropriate action.

Intuitive Full-Screen Gestures that Will Become the Norm

Full-screen gestures were made popular on the iPhone X but users are yet to adopt the new concept of opening and closing apps among other things using gestures. Xiaomi wants to make it even simpler and the MIUI 9.5 update is aimed at it. The update ideally brings the best out of their Mi Mix 2 smartphone which has an even larger 18:9 aspect ratio.MiUi 9.5

Almost every other smartphone that has been released in the recent times use this aspect ratio to provide a bezel-less display and Xiaomi’s latest models like Mi Mix 2, Redmi 5, etc. are no different. It’s the capability to swipe up from the bottom to go to home screen, swipe left or right to go back one page and swipe & hold to access the most recent menu. MIUI 9.5 also brings a redesigned music player, better file transfer apps and a couple of other changes.

You can check out the GIFs here. Are the full screen gestures better on the Mi Mix 2 than the iPhone X? Share your views below.


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