Google Home and Alexa – Where Google Home Scores with its List of In House Features

Google Home and Alexa Amazon Echo

Google Home has been made official at the Google event yesterday, offering a viable competitor to Amazon’s Echo.

Household Assistant

Google has offered a close look at the company’s plan of competing with Amazon’s Alexa, an established product. Here are some of the things Google Home is capable of, which is lacking in Alexa.

Google Home

Touch Control

There are physical controls present in the Alexa speaker as well as the ones on Google Home, as an option to voice input. In addition, there are button controls for invoking a command on Alexa. However, Google Home also has a touchpad on the speaker for controlling the volume, triggering the assistant and for several other functions.

Support for Third Party Streaming

Both Alexa and the new Google Home offer support for third party streaming, such as Spotify and Pandora and so on. However, they both promote their own music service, with Alexa promoting Prime Music, whereas Google Home users Google Play Music. Users can stream audio from any service by pairing it to their phones or device using the Bluetooth feature. Google Home allows users to stream audio services having a mobile application with the help of Chromecast support.

In addition, you can also stream songs from the YouTube Music in case of Google Home, provided users are subscribers to the YouTube Red. There is also a free six-month trial offered by Google for YouTube Red.

Google Home and Alexa Amazon Echo

Context Based Play of Songs

If you don’t remember a particular song, it is no longer a problem with Google Home. The Google Assistant makes use of contextual information and will be able to understand what song you want to play. It will then find it and play it. You just have to give it some related information about the song.  And Google Home will fill in the rest of the blanks, thus playing what you were looking for.

Chromecast Audio Receiver

You can throw on a song from the phone to the speaker by tapping on the Cast logo, using a supported application and then select the Google Home.

Multiple Speakers

It is also possible to create several groups with the Google Home and the Chromecast device, allowing synchronizing of several speakers to play the audio all over the house, similar to the Sonos. This feature is not present in Alexa, as the speakers don’t communicate well with one another.

Sending Info to Phone

The Google Home has the power of the Google Assistant, so it helps in sharing the same Artificial Intelligence between your phone and the home speaker. Hence, you can pass on information between the two devices.  For instance, if you are seeking some information from Google Home, you can ask it to pass on the information, such as directions to a particular destination, to you phone. However, it works only if the Google Assistant is also present on your phone. Currently, the feature works only on the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Google Home Conversation

Natural Interaction

Google Home offers natural interaction and users can access a more contextual conversation. This is a distinct advantage that Google Home has over Alexa.

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