Google Home Smart Speaker Starts Shipping from the Google Store

Google Home

Last month, the Google Home was launched alongside the Pixel, Pixel XL as well as Daydream View VR headset, but only the Pixel phones have been available for purchase since then.

The search engine promised that the Google Home smart speaker will start shipping in early November and as it appears, this promise has been kept. The smart speaker was first heard off at the Google I/O 2016 event back in May, but it is only now that fans can get their hands on this smart device.

Priced at just $129, the Google Home is something you would relish having in your home. One of the features that have made the Google Pixel and Pixel XL stand out among other Android devices is the inclusion of the Google Assistant – a virtual digital assistant that is better positioned to compete with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana than Google Now has ever been.

Good news is that this same Google Assistant has been baked into the new Google Home speaker, which should make Amazon and its Alexa digital assistant a bit more worried. Those who pre-ordered the smart speaker when Google made it available for pre-sale as from October 4th can now be sure that they will receive this device by the end of this week.

Google Home

Nonetheless, some people who had pre-ordered a combination of the Google Home and Pixel phone are reporting that they are yet to receive none. This is a bit strange given that the Pixel and Pixel XL started shipping on October 20th. Still, the company has been suffering shortages as demand for the phone has exceeded supply. Since shipping of the Pixel phones could take another couple of weeks before resuming, it is possible that those who had preordered a Google Home together with a Pixel phone may be facing a longer wait time than those who only went for the smart speaker.

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