Latest Uber Redesign Adds Nifty Features for Quicker Pickup and More


Uber is rolling out a new update that is expected to benefit the rider side of the application in a bid to ensure you reach your destination faster and hassle-free.

The app already offers some amazing features, like one that notifies you when the driver is 2 minutes away, but the new update aims at making the Uber app more organized. Back in 2012, the app had two ride selections of UberX and UberXL, but years later, more ride types have been added to the application. Furthermore, users can select a location to be picked up, check the cost of each ride and even schedule these rides, among other features. Apparently, this huge list of features has cluttered the app and somehow gotten into the way of experience.

As a result, the tech giant has opted to come in with a redesign for the Uber app in a bid to bring back that simplistic interface while at the same time beefing the app with nifty features to make your experience with the service even better.

For starters, the new Uber app comes with new ride types sections dubbed Economy and Luxury. Where the former houses UberPOOL and UberX, the latter has Uber Select and Uber Black. The app will also examine your current location and suggest some of the best pickup points that may be convenient for both you and the driver. In this way, the company hopes that it will take a shorter time for you to meet up with your designated driver.

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Furthermore, the new Uber app also aims at improving the social aspect of your ride by making it easier for your friends to find you. By typing the name of your friend (rather than an address) as the destination, the app will let you know their exact location and the driver will take you there. One will be quick to point out the issue of privacy invasion, but Uber says that the details of your friend’s location will only be disclosed to you if s/he gives the app permission to do so. This will happen every time you make such a request through the new app. The app will sync your contacts and when you type a name in the search bar, you will be able to setup Uber to take you wherever they are.

Another update that Uber has added to the latest version is a guesstimate feature for cost and time taken by a ride from point A to B.

The new app will be rolling out to Android and iOS users in other parts of the world in the coming weeks.

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