Google Inbox Improves Performance with High Priority Notification

Google Inbox

Google experiments by trying new features with its Inbox and the latest update sounds like something users have been requesting for a long time.

Dubbed as the high priority notification, Google has introduced the new feature which will enable users to be instantly notified when required. While the company has been doing a good job in keeping the inbox as clutter free as possible, it is obvious that you may have lost a mail or two because of its own organization method.

Google Inbox High Priority Notification

In a typical scenario, Gmail will identify your flight or hotel reservations as travel. It does look okay from a perspective but the inbox will automatically push it to the travel section and you have to manually find it to delete or view the content in it. Most users in a rush to plan things and stay on the move tend to forget. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to find what you need despite all the updates Google has done in their desktop as well as Android version of their Gmail service.

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Similar to how starred messages and high priority labels work, the new high priority notification will allow users to mark any particular email as very important. You can choose to mark something from a client, a travel ticket, a scanned photo or anything that is critical and shouldn’t be pushed to the back of the email chain. While Google didn’t specify how its algorithm will work when it comes to handling this automatically, it is still in its early stages and will take time before being rolled out to all users.

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A source claimed that Google is still making some changes to the high priority notification to make it work better so that it can automatically identify what the user might need. Once again, it will acquire data from your inbox and reading your emails. Most users allow it to gather all the data including their location using Google Maps and GPS. It will allow the app to automatically segregate e-mails and notify you as required.

Google Inbox

The option may not show up on your Android app or the Gmail desktop version. When you are browse through your e-mails, it will request you to activate high priority notification and if you say yes, the new feature will be rolled out and you can be part of the beta program to test as well as send user statistics to the developers.