Overwatch Mei Gets a Cute Little Action Figurine for Collectors

Overwatch Mei

Gaming is not just about playing the games and working on something else because real collectors just won’t stop.

Overwatch has a favorite character Mei which now has a cute little figurine that you could add to your collection.

The game is an action-packed shooter that has made millions of gamers addicted to its amazing lineup of characters and level designs. However, some of them manage to stand out from the crowd and Mei is definitely one of them. Any such figurine or statue has to been given utmost attention to detail to achieve authenticity. If you go through the photos, you will get a very good idea of how authentic this Mei doll is.

Overwatch Mei Cute Little Action

Good Smile company that already made the amazing Tracer Nendoroid and has now come up with a Mei figurine. The toy gets an introduction video of its own so that buyers could see the details before they choose to spend the $50 on this one. The launch is nowhere close because the manufacturer announced that they will make it available in stores and their online shop only in November. That’s definitely a long wait if you have already decided to purchase this one and add it to your collection.

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Named as the Nendoroid Mei: Classic Skin Edition, the first one will be in the classic skin and we guess that the manufacturer will go with different skin choices in the near future. It should give the character more outfits and may make up for a collection of Meis on its own just to adorn your shelf. It comes with the authentic weapons, the outfit and an additional accessory to add up to the authenticity. Check out the images below and have your daily dose of Overwatch with the video the team has provided to promote the product.