Google is Planning to Launch a Web Version for Android Messages


People like convenience and the ability to be able to send or receive messages on your phone as well as your desktop PC is now considered mandatory than a luxury.

Google is planning to launch a web version for Android messages finally, making it easier to receive SMS on your computer and respond immediately.

Whatsapp revolutionized the texting world by introducing Internet-based messaging. There is a catch though because all major apps like Whatsapp, Line, Hike,and Snapchat rely on internet connectivity. Unless your smartphone is subscribed to 4G connection and your mobile carrier supports it, it is not possible to receive any notifications. Compared to those, Android Messages still relies on a primitive method where you receive SMS, MMS,and RCS through your mobile phone carrier.

Google is Planning to Launch a Web Version for Android Messages

As long as there is cellular connectivity, you should be able to receive incoming messages. Major companies including medical institutions, travel companies,and service providers still send notifications through SMS. The number of users who rely on smartphones is very high but you still can’t find who uses Whatsapp and who is using Allo or Line for their daily texting.

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Google’s decision to make Android Messages, the default app found on all Android smartphones the numero uno app sounds like a credible decision. The company’s other app Allo already supports a web version and in the past, they experimented by merging SMS messages with hangouts to let users receive it on their desktop PC. The service was later discontinued and now Messages is about to receive a huge update that would change the entire user experience making it more seamless than ever.

Google is Planning to Launch a Web Version Messages

The leak comes from a code in the latest Android Messages update version 2.9 which suggests Messages for Web. The concept is simple! You head to the official website on any browser as it is designed to support all major browsers on launch and scan the QR code in order to gain access. All the computers that you connected to will be displayed in your app just like Whatsapp Web feature.

The big relief users get is that they can now communicate easily as they would do on Hangouts by sending back and forth messages through Android Messages. Google has also confirmed that they will support RCS messaging feature for users who don’t have it through their mobile carrier allowing them to send text messages and MMS over Wifi connection. The feature may get launched soon but there is no confirmed release date yet.

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