Metal Gear Survive Wants You to Pay $10 to Create an Additional Save Slot

Metal Gear Survive Wants You to Pay $10 to Create an Additional Save Slot

Metal Gear Survive, the first game from Konami in the MGS series that doesn’t have Hideo Kojima in the backend is going to charge you $10 to buy an additional save slot apart from the primary one provided in game.

Just like every other game title, you will have a primary save slot in Survive when you open the game. Players can start by creating their own avatar, customize their characters and start proceeding with the story missions. The characters they create will also be available for multiplayer missions and to take part in special events.

While everything sounds normal so far, the problem begins when you want to share your game with a friend or family member in your own house. Retro players may have come across half-a-dozen save slots and PC gamers are known for saving RTS titles like Age of Empires multiple times so as to not lose even a single change.

Metal Gear Survive Wants You to Pay $10 to Create Additional Save Slot

Such things are impossible in Metal Gear Survive which relies heavily on microtransactions. Owing to technical reasons, the game doesn’t feature multiple save slots for the same character as it would hinder with the overall experience as well as character progression. Each player should create their own character even in theshared game.

Be it Steam sharing, Xbox Live account or PSN, you need a secondary save slot for another person to play the game. Konami sells it using their virtual currency named SV coins. When you pay $5, you get 550 SV coins and it is mandatory to pay at least $10 to get up to 1100 SV coins. A secondary save slot would cost you 1000 SV coins which in other words say that you should pay $10 at least to buy you save slot.

Metal Gear Survive Wants to Pay $10 to Create an Additional Save Slot

The microtransactions definitely touch a new level of ridiculousness by asking people to pay money for a slot. The game also includesmicrotransactions and lots of other things to purchase using SV coins. Players can get limited time character boosts, cosmetic changes and additional loadout slots to carry more gadgets at the same time by paying extra apart from spending $60 on the game.

Konami opines as long as they don’t do loot boxes allowing players to pay more for additional features isn’t much of a big deal but it’s up to the players to see if they want to keep paying money for something that they already purchased by paying the full price.

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