Google Might Drop Pixel Name for Chromebook, Transition in Laptop Strategy

Chromebook Pixel

Google might stop using the name Pixel for its Chromebook, as there isn’t room enough for two devices named Pixel.

The Chrome operating system will continue to remain, but Google is in a stage of transition as far as its laptop strategy is concerned.

Chromebook Pixel

Shedding Pixel Name

Google had introduced its Pixel laptops in 2013, which was the precursor for the Pixel tabs and phones that made their way to the market last year. This was a shift from the Nexus brand of smartphones. Google then released the Pixel 2 Chromebook in 2015 and this was discontinued last year. However, if fans are hoping for the Pixel Chromebook 3 this year, it will not happen. Google had a meeting with the press at the MWC 2017, where the hardware SVP stated that the Pixel brand notebooks would not be produced any more.

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Google Brand Laptops

The next generation of the Pixel Chromebooks might have come to a stop, but Google will continue making the company’s branded laptops, according to sources familiar with Google strategies. Rick Osterloh, the hardware chief of Google stated that Google does not have any plans for making one currently, in a report published by TechCrunch. This was the response to a question regarding whether Google had any plans for creating new Pixel laptops. Rick Osterloh met reporters at the MWC show held in Barcelona.

Pixel Laptops

Currently, Google has two versions in Pixel notebooks, but both these versions have been sold out in the market and are not available at the online store of the company. Osterloh’s response to a related query shows that Google is not planning to make any more of these laptops as of now. When asked whether the company was not planning on making any more laptops in the future, Osterloh stated in an email to CNET that as far as Google brand laptops of the future were concerned, whether they were named Pixel or otherwise, there are no plans currently.

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Issue Concerning Name

The issue could be to do with the name Pixel in the laptops. This can be concluded as Osterloh has stated that the company is not completely ruling out the production of Google notebooks in future. There is some sense in Google’s strategy of moving away from naming the present notebooks with the Pixel name.

Google unveiled pixel Phones in October 2016 and the phones offered a premium device by Google. The company had poured in plenty of resources related to marketing and the design. After investing so much, Google would probably like to retain the Pixel name for the flagship smartphones.

Google Pixel laptop

Chrome OS To Continue

Even if Google stops making the Chromebooks, the Chrome Operating system software will continue to remain. There has been plenty of speculation regarding the operating system that Google has been using for its notebooks. According to some observers, it seems practical for Google to combine the Chrome OS with Android, its mobile OS. Android is the operating system that is being used in nine out of ten phones in the world today. According to sources Google will continue its commitment to the Chrome OS. For instance, the company had released its latest Chromebook along with Samsung, named the Chromebook Pro.

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