A Google Nexus 5X bought through Project Fi bootlooped on Monday and the replacement unit was delivered on Tuesday

Even though the Google Nexus 5X bootloop issue has been unofficially solved – and even received an update to boost performance – not so many would go for this unofficial fix when there’s an option to simply ask for a replacement unit.

One thing, though, that makes the unofficial bootloop fix a somehow better option to take is the unimpressive customer service you can get from LG, the company that officially made the Google Nexus 5X. As for those who have been seeking replacement units via Google, which only happens if you bought the phone through the Google Store, their experiences have been great.

It gets even better when dealing with Google Project Fi. According to a Fi user whose Google Nexus 5X phone bootlooped (on a Monday), the replacement unit was already knocking on the door the next day. This is not something you get from LG or even Huawei, the company behind the Google Nexus 6P, a device that is also suffering from the bootloop issue.

Some of those who have tried getting a replacement unit from LG with respect to the Google Nexus 5X have, in fact, given up. If anything, this is one of the reasons the affected persons decided to go to court – the customer service was just poor.

This kind of service says a lot about Google Project Fi. The wireless service is always close to the needs of its users, with some believing Fi is the most transparent carrier around.

What about you? What kind of experience have you had when trying to replace your bootlooped Google Nexus 5X or maybe Nexus 6P? Let us know in your comments below.


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