2018 Volkswagen Golf SV Gets Improved New Looks and Features

2018 Volkswagen Golf SV

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf SV is now official and as expected, the car brings in much improved looks providing it a more stylish outlook and a lot of features on the inside to make it a truly next gen car.

The updated Golf SV will be revealed in detail at the Frankfurt motor show. However, the automobile brand has decided to reveal a lot of information much earlier. The 2018 model shows a lot of striking changes on the exterior including a tweaked grille setup, LED headlights and tail lights combined with large front as well as rear bumpers. The increased bumper size provides a more hefty look to the Golf which is often seen as a small, family car.

2018 Volkswagen Golf SV new look

Apart from the available colors, the new model receives a Cranberry Red exterior color variant. Buyers will be able to pick it up when they order their car from their local retailer. Alloy wheels are used which increases the overall ride height of the car. While these are the exterior changes that you can instantly spot when taking a look at the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SV, it is also important to know all the technologies the developers have incorporated on the inside.

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The type of powertrain and the improvements in performance are something that can be known only when the Frankfurt debut takes place. With the official launch just weeks to go, you don’t have to wait too much to get your hands on the same. However, we do know the couple of safety features incorporated into the car making it more safe for both the rider and those on road.

2018 Volkswagen Golf SV feature

The model is now equipped with City Emergency breaking, front assist and pedestrian monitoring. The Traffic Jam assist is another important and useful feature that will make it easy for drivers to manage annoying traffic jam situations. The low speed adaptive cruise control in the car allow it to automatically maneuver itself with speeds up to 37 miles per hour. Such situations are when a driver loses his or her patience unable to handle the drive in slow moving traffic.

It has also been confirmed that the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SV will be available with a choice of three different TSI petrol engine variants as well as diesel engine. The powertrain options are exactly the same as the outgoing Golf variant except for the improved performance and better fuel efficiency.

Image credits : Autoexpress.co.uk

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