Nvidia and Audi Team Up to Create Level 3 Self-driving Car


For gamers and PC enthusiasts, Nvidia is a familiar brand that has been making the best graphic cards for decades now.

The company which has the technology to power a level 3 self-driving car has associated itself with Audi to create world’s first autonomous vehicle.

audi level -3 self driving car

In the world of autonomous cars, Level 5 is the maximum possible peak to reach by which people will no longer have to sit in the driving seat. The car will be able to navigate any road on its own, speed up or slow down while making use of multiple sensors and the internet to communicate with other cars on the road. The idea sounds very futuristic and obviously it’s going to take another ten years or so before it could be fully implemented worldwide.

Level 3 autonomous driving is more practical and user friendly as people no longer have to do everything manually. Nvidia will provide the technology it requires to do common tasks like traffic sign recognition, speed control, collision warning as well as a more informative dashboard for the passengers. According to reports, Nvidia will help develop a virtual infotainment system powered by six different Nvidia processors. The information will be provided to all passengers with the help of tablets mounted on the back of the headrest.

Audi nivida technology

The Audi A8 will be the car to be powered by this particular technology. When it is fully equipped, the autonomous car will nearly take control of the entire vehicle especially when it is going slow at 37 miles per hour or less. The car can also handle long drives in highways which have a divider. The car will drive on its own but a driver should be seated at all times. The car will warn when it is time to take manual control of the steering wheel. Until then, you are free to work on your phone, talk to someone or watch a movie as the vehicle drives you to your destination.

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Tesla has already introduced the autopilot feature for their Model S, Model X cars. However, they are level 2 systems that need a driver to always have their eyes on the road and primarily for traffic congestion rather than autonomously driving on highways.

Nvidia technology will handle Audi zFAS system to provide driver assistance. A range of data from the sensors, onboard camera and laser scanning will be gathered, processed in seconds so that the vehicle could stay on the move.

Image credits : Tctechcrunch, audimediacenter.

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