Google Now Lets You See Video Previews in Search Results, Gif-like Clips

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After many years, the Google owned video streaming platform Youtube officially rolled out video previews on their website and app.

As the name suggests, the previews allow you to see what content any video has for a couple of seconds.

The preview looks more like a gif as it randomly picks 5 to 8 screenshots from all the video clips and display them one by one. The simple preview is supposed to help parents decide whether it is safe for young kids to watch and ardent Youtubers who love to watch all the videos but don’t have enough time. You can have a quick glance using this feature to find if the video is worth your time or not.

google gif view

It’s a known fact that Youtube is one of the largest video hosting platforms and has already taken over its competitors like Vimeo, DailyMotion among others. The same preview feature is now being rolled out into Google search results, making search more intuitive and easy to make use of to know what they are about to click.

Google has been working a lot to make their search easy for users and to provide what they are actually looking for rather than low quality content that is spammed with keywords. The default setting now is that video previews will work only when you are connected to a Wifi connection on your smartphone. It ensures that there is no issues with regards to increased usage of bandwidth.

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Users do have the option to turn this off so that they can continue to have video previews on cellular network as well. Based on this information, it looks like preview will now be rolled out only to mobile search results provided by Google and may take its own time before being introduced on desktop platforms. The feature is already available in multiple countries and a broader rollout is expected to take place in the near future.

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Video content and consumption has become increasingly large. Nowadays, people love to know not only reviews and songs or trailers but even news content is being delivered over Youtube. It has led to a huge increase in bandwidth consumption for which cellular operators haven’t provided a feasible solution yet. However, Google has been doing its part to make video previews less stressful on mobile data and will work seamlessly over a Wifi connection. More similar features are lined up for launch in the near future.

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