Google Pixel 3 Notebook Powered by Andromeda OS Coming in 2017

Google Pixel 3 Notebook

Google is set to launch an Andromeda OS that takes advantage of the best there is in Android and Chrome OS and apparently, this software will make an official debut in 2017 powering a Google Pixel 3 Notebook.

Expected to be unveiled at the October 4th event, Andromeda is typically a hybrid of Android and Chrome OS and it finally comes to clear the air about Google’s plans of merging the two operating systems. Just recently, a number of Android apps started running on Chrome OS, something that further justifies the need for this hybrid.

Although it will be launched at the upcoming event, Andromeda will reportedly make its debut with a Google Pixel 3 Notebook, a laptop made by the company. Apparently, the Pixel 3 Notebook should be here in Q3 2017, which makes it about a year from now. If the reports are to be believed, Google calls this Project Bison and it will be part of Google’s new change of tactics, apparently dropping the Chromebook brand name in favor of a Pixel 3 Notebook.

The latest developments have suggested that the Google Pixel 3 Notebook will come with a premium-looking ultra-thin design featuring only 10mm of thickness alongside a crystal clear screen measuring 12.3 inches in size. There will be the addition of the tablet mode given that the Pixel 3 will be a Notebook. This will also be supplemented with support for stylus, but as for now, we are still unsure whether a convertible screen will also feature on the laptop. In fact, don’t be surprised if the device came with a detachable screen.

Google Pixel 3 Notebook

Under the hood, the Google Pixel 3 Notebook will be powered by an Intel Core M3 or i5 SoC with a RAM of 8GB or 16GB. The storage is expected to be around 32GB, but there should also be a 128GB variant available too. Other features to expect on the Pixel 3 Notebook include USB Type-C ports, backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner, pressure-sensitive keypad as well as dual-stereo speakers, among other extras.

Considering that the Google Pixel 3 Notebook will not be out until 2017, the specs above are far from confirmed. Still, the Notebook is expected to be priced at about $799 for the base model when it is finally made available for purchase.

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