GTA 5 Mod Mocks Samsung by Adding an Exploding Note 7

GTA 5 mod Galaxy Note 7

GTA 5 is easily one of the most popular open world games right now where players could get anything and everything through mods.

However, no one expected that a random mod developer would actually incorporate an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into the game. The Note 7 is notoriously known around the globe that blasts due to a battery issue. It was constantly mocked through numerous memes on the internet including the popular Counter Strike Global Offensive meme. Players were shown planting the Note 7 instead of a bomb to take down sites.

GTA 5 mod Galaxy Note 7

The mod developers of GTA 5 had gone a step ahead and managed to turn the smartphone into a sticky bomb in the world of Los Santos. Players can equip themselves with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in their hand to throw it on any opponent or a vehicle to blast it. Unlike the real phone that blasts causing minor injuries, the one in the Grand Theft Auto is devastating. It can create so much mayhem in the game as does many other weapons and grenades.

A video has been uploaded online to let players now how the mod works. Unlike the expansive Redux mod, this one is very limited. It doesn’t change the gameplay or add any new content to it. Instead, it just adds the Galaxy Note 7 not as a smartphone but as a stick bomb. If you are curious about adding some boom factor to your game time, make sure to download this mod and blast some vehicles.

Rockstar studios, developers of GTA 5 were pretty silent for a long time until now. The team has confirmed that they will launch the Bikers’ DLC pretty soon. It’s a free update that will automatically be downloaded and included in the game. Being a multiplayer mode, the DLC allows players to don some leather suits and cruise the road on a Harley Davidson.

GTA 5 Exploding Note 7

Along with the style, the lifestyle of a biker also has lot of clan fights and gun filled moments that the DLC aims to capture. The city of Los Santos is pretty large and you should be able to keep yourself entertained for hours with this downloadable content. There is no word on more such launches in the future but Rockstar previously promised to add a free expansion pack to the single player campaign. Let’s hope they do before the team gets busy and starts working on GTA 6.

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