Google Pixel, Pixel XL Microphone Issue User Complaints, Google Offers Replacing Under Warranty

Google Pixel

Google Pixel and Pixel XL users have reported issues regarding Microphone failure resulting in the absence of audio input.

This issue makes the device useless for the user. Some users are also claiming that there is an audio input problem as well. The problem continues to exist in spite of factory reset troubleshooting measures by users. However, the camera app has not been affected.

Google Pixel XL

Issues for Pixel

Many issues have been plaguing the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL devices, with several customers reporting different issues, ranging from pairing of Bluetooth, LTE connectivity problems and so on. The latest problem to be reported is about audio input. Users claim that with input failure, the audio works using the camera application when recording videos.

Complaints on Forum

There have been several complaints from users on the product forum of the company, and other users have commented on these reiterating the issue. Google seems to be aware of the problem and Brian Rakowski, an employee, has confirmed that the problem is connected with a hardware issue, so software fixes will not be able to solve it. The problem is connected with one out of the three microphones. It could have resulted from some hairline crack present in the soldering of the microphone parts.

Problem Being Tackled

According to Brian Rakowski, the company is taking steps to strengthen the connection during the manufacturing stage for Pixel devices that have been built after January. Thus, the devices that have been manufactured in February will hopefully not have the issue. However, the phones that were manufactured prior to last month could have a problem, with the likelihood being less than 1%. According to Rakowski, the forum thread makes the problem look much worse than it actually is, but he claims that there is a selection prejudice working.

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Replacing the Device

According to Rakowski, the best solution would be to replace the problematic device. He stated that if users had purchased the Pixel smartphone from some retailer, they must return the device to the retailer and get it replaced quickly. The partner representatives will also be trained for this problem. For those users who are not willing to return their devices to the retailer from whom they purchased it, Google will process the same.

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However, as such devices are not bought directly from the company, they have to first receive the smartphone and verify whether it is a legitimately returned Pixel smartphone, after which the company will ship a replacement. This could take around two weeks, but it can be an issue for those who don’t have a backup smartphone that they can use during the period, states Rakowski in the forum.

Google Pixel

Replacement Under Warranty

All Pixel and the Pixel XL devices are still under the warranty period, so there should not be any issue in replacing them. However, the problem according to a Google representative is that it cannot be guaranteed that the replacement device will be free of the said problem.

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