No Man’s Sky Now Features a Series of New Updates in Various Categories  

No Mans Sky Update

Developer Hello Games is in the process of offering free updates for No Man’s Sky fans.

As a result, gamers can now gain access to a bevy of new and exciting features such as Pathfinder update, photo mode, permanent death mode and a lot more. There also quite a few minor enhancements or updates. With all these changes, the game has increased the excitement of players who love playing it.

No Mans Sky

The Pathfinder update includes the 4K PlayStation 4 Pro support along with other effects that make the screen look livelier than it was earlier. Some of these include accurate ambient light rendition, lighting effects with high contrast, visual improvements multiple filter options for enhanced post-processing and HDR support for compatible televisions and monitors. The Pathfinder update also supports the concept of base sharing in No Man’s Sky. This allows gamers to share bases with their online counterparts without taking their screenshots or videos to show them. Permission can also be given to discover and explore an outpost owned by you. Cars are a new addition to the game’s existing fleet of ground vehicles. They are referred to as planetary vehicles in the game.

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Gamers can now take possession of various spaceships. These vehicles can be stored in a freighter and put to use when needed. Specialized ships are also available to carry out specific tasks such as when you have to encounter pirates or there is a need to hauler to load your resources. Exocraft vehicles are yet another inclusion to No Man’s Sky. They are available in three types, each of which has a specific purpose. They are Colossus, Roamer and Nomad, with Colossus being the biggest of the three.

No Mans Sky Update

The permanent death mode or permadeath mode is the mirror effect of the survival mode and also more difficult. This mode is intended for use when you meet an untimely fate and want to end your game. It is worth noting that the difficulty level of the survival mode has also been increased. If you meet your end in space, you can get started once again on the surface of the planet that is nearest to your crashed ship. Another mode that has been newly added to No Man’s Sky is photo mode. This mode helps you to record your journey as you progress with the game. You can pause the game to alter the time of the day to suit your lighting requirements and also make modifications to the fog density and cloud layers.

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