Google Pixel Software Issues Continue, Phone Abruptly Shuts Down at 30% Battery

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the best Android phones you could lay your hands on.

However, despite the amazing reviews the phone is down with severe software issues and some specific hardware related problems.

Google Pixel XL

Users who purchased the Pixel smartphones continue to post new complaints in forums, social media and in Google’s official pages. The camera related issue, missing audio were some of the few and recently someone has pointed a problem that sounds ridiculous. According to a Reddit post, the user wrote, “I own a Google Pixel 32GB model which abruptly shut down twice in the past 5 days. When it switched off automatically, the battery was still at 25 to 35% and it should have worked for another four hours at least before going blank.”

The community of people who faced battery issues obviously added that they were in the middle of doing some work, commuting or talking to someone important when it just went off. For some it went off at 30% while others reported shutdown issue at 20% or 25%, it varies. Pixel phones are supposed to be flagship devices that are highly reliable and work as promised. While we can’t completely blame Google because they did deliver good hardware and an amazing Nougat operating system, compatibility problems continue to plague all major tech companies.

Right from Samsung, Apple to Google, every top technology brand has come across these issues. Samsung had to throw their Note phone away due to ridiculous battery problems and Apple had the bendgate issue. Whenever a new version of the operating system is rolled out, it can lead to such disasters.

Google Pixel

Google is yet to comment on this complaint. Customer service representatives have asked users to factory reset the device to solve the problem or try to get their device replaced with a new one as they are covered under warranty. It is to be seen if the Pixel and Pixel XL will continue to face these problems or will come out of it in the near future. Being the first ever company’s phone, it is supposed to work fine and exceed expectations. People paid a premium for the Pixel phone just like they would for an iPhone and it is important that the brand image is maintained with great customer services.

A similar issue is being faced by Nexus 6P users who got stuck in the bootloop situation and in other cases the phone completely went blank with no way to boot it up again.

One thought on “Google Pixel Software Issues Continue, Phone Abruptly Shuts Down at 30% Battery”

  1. Yeah I’ve ran into this same issue as well. It’s probably the apps draining most of the battery’s power, could just be a software issue on Google’s end. Other than that I love my Google Pixel a lot, especially how it takes high resolution photos. I’ve already invested some money in a power bank for now. But other than that I’m a huge fan of the Pixel thus far.

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