Xiaomi Mi 6 to be Officially Announced in February 2017 and Released in March

Xiaomi Mi 6 Release

There have been various conflicting reports in the past on the release date of Xiaomi’s forthcoming Mi 6.

As per the latest information available, the Chinese manufacturer is all set to unveil its Mi offering on February 6. This will be followed by sales a month later in March though the exact date for this is not yet revealed. Earlier reports cited a delay in the launch estimating it to be as far as April because Samsung is not likely to be able to produce sufficient number of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipsets that are used in the device. Less quantity of a chipset can naturally result in delaying the release of smartphones depending on them.

Even as this possibility of delayed launch is doing the rounds, a Weibo report by a Chinese analyst indicated that the production issues are actually not as bad as projected the media. The report also indicated that Xiaomi has already begun getting its chipset for Mi 6 from Samsung. This means that the launch and sale will take place as stated above. However, only limited pieces of the handset are likely to be available in the first few weeks until production of the SD835 becomes higher.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Although the release date is now anticipated to be ahead by a few days, the Xiaomi Mi 6 will still be available in the 27 countries mentioned in the earlier reports. Catering to modern lifestyle requirements, the device is bound to be quite trendy with its thin body, 4K UHD display screen of size 5.2 inches, dual camera setup with plenty of sensors and photography effects, massive storage and long lasting powerful 4,000 mAh battery with quick and wireless charging technologies. Added to this, the Mi smartphone will come with Android 6.1 that is the latest update from Marshmallow. According to the manufacturer, the handset has more gems hidden under its bonnet that Xiaomi will announce at the time of the launch.In terms of pricing, the Xiaomi Mi 6 will compete with counterparts in the medium price range.

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