Google Pixel Watch Could Use The 2018 Exynos Chip

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After being in the news for a long time, the Google Pixel Watch was finally announced by the American tech giant last week.

Though a lot of speculation is being made about Google’s first smartwatch, the company has remained silent about it. After making the official announcement, the company’s strategy, perhaps, is to launch the smartwatch without sharing further details about it.

Being the first smartwatch to be launched by Google, there is a lot of curiosity around it. While Google fans have huge expectations from the device, they might be quite surprised to know about the hardware the device will be running on.

According to a report published in 9To5Google, a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has claimed that the Pixel watch will be powered by the Exynos processor which was launched by Samsung way back in 2018. The Exynos9110 happens to be a 10nm dual-core ARM processor that runs at a speed of 1.1GHz and is known to use a Mali T270 GPU.

A new-age device using an older chip is not a very bad idea if the two get along well with each other. However, since The Pixel Watch will be the first smartwatch to be launched by Google, using older hardware is not something that will help it get an edge over its competitors.

Some of the popular smartwatches are powered by the same Exynos processor or an upgraded version of it. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, for instance, features an ExynosW920. It is a 5nm dual-core ARM processor, which offers a speed of 1.18GHz.

As per Samsung, the W920 assures one of a 20% CPU performance gain. As compared to the older-generation processors, it offers far more impressive graphics performance. When you use a 5nm processor, you can also be sure about the device conserving a lot of energy.

There are various theories doing the rounds about why Google decided to use a 2018 launched chip in its first-ever smartwatch. It is being said that Google started developing the smartwatch around 2018-19. The Exynos processor was quite new then, so the company decided to use it in the wearable device. Though it took a while for the smartwatch to be fully developed, Google didn’t want to switch to a different processor as that would require a lot of work. This could have also led to the launch of the Pixel Watch getting delayed by several months.

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