Nintendo Hopes To Avoid Wii U Blunders While Putting Together Switch Successor

nintendo switch

Nintendo is credited with some of the biggest innovations made in the history of video games.

It is one of the biggest video game studios in the world and has provided gamers with some of the best game hardware since the 1980s. The kind of clout Nintendo has in the gaming community remains unmatched and unrivaled.

Despite all its accomplishments, Nintendo, on several occasions, has made pertinent mistakes that have cost the company heavily. However, to give the credit where it’s due, the multinational video game company has seldom repeated its mistakes.

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The Wii U console was launched by Nintendo with much fanfare. However, just five years after its launch, it was discontinued. Nintendo analyzed the many mistakes it committed while developing and releasing the Wii U. The studio president had confirmed that the company had made a note of everything that went wrong and it will be extra cautious in the future to ensure these mistakes are not repeated.

ShuntaroFurukawa, who serves as the president of Nintendo, addressed the media during a financial briefing of the company. When asked whether Nintendo will make a transition from the Switch once the company releases new hardware, the president replied that the company hopes to adapt to next-gen hardware slowly and steadily.

Furukuwa, one must remember, didn’t confirm that the company was developing new gaming hardware. However, Nintendo fans must be delighted to know that the company was being more careful with developing and launching new technology. While the Nintendo 3DS has been worked very smoothly for handheld users, its 3D implementation led to a bunch of issues.

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In the last several years, one can recount many instances when the hardware developed by Nintendo didn’t create the desired impact. However, the success and recognition received by the studio helped it in camouflaging the bad press it received from time to time.

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