Grand Theft Auto Online Players Receive a Surprise Reward of $500K

GTA free money

Some of the Grand Theft Auto Online players were left surprised recently when they received $500,000.

There seemed to be no clear reason behind them being rewarded with this particular amount. When these players launched the game, they received a message from Rockstar Games stating that an amount of $500,000 has been deposited into that account.

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This message, however, has only been received by console players. Going by the reactions of players on social media, most PC players do not seem to have received this reward. At the moment, there is no clarity as to why this happened. Players, of course, are delighted to have received this free money.

YouTuber GhillieMaster was one of the first players who noticed that $500,000 have been sent to their account. Once the message sunk in, he started asking fellow players, whether they have received a similar message.

Being an experienced YouTuber and somebody who is well-versed with the GTA Universe, GhillieMaster received several messages from fans asking him what led to Rockstar Games transferring $500,000 into the account of players. GhillieMaster had no reply to their questions. In fact, he visited multiple GTA forums hoping to find an answer to this. He found out nobody had any clarity on it.

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Many players concluded that the aforementioned amount could have been sent to players as a form of GTA+ Reward. The official website states that $500,000 is the amount of money that would be given to players who stand to receive a GTA+ Reward. GhillieMaster doesn’t buy this theory as he, despite not having a GTA+ membership, received this reward.

Most of the players, however, are not getting into any discussion about this seemingly weird incident. They are happy with receiving money and don’t have any interest in finding out the reason behind it.

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