Next Gen Communication Network to Connect Audi, BMW and Mercedes Cars

Communication Network to Connect Audi, BMW and Mercedes Cars

The three top brands in the automobile sector has signed a joint agreement to roll out a new communication technology named Here.

While the name is very similar to the mapping network Here used by Nokia and Microsoft devices, it is a next gen feature about to be integrated into all models. The technology will allow cars to collect real time data and will have complete awareness of their surroundings. It is another step towards introducing autonomous technology into mainstream brands.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes to share data via network

A connected car industry is largely based on companies agreeing to share data with one another. With so many different automobiles populating the roads, it is mandatory for automobile manufacturers to allow their car to send data to another car about traffic conditions, weather among other details. This is the first ever attempt by Audi, BMW and Mercedes to share data with one another even though they happen to be competitors in the market. The collaboration will favor the industry and make it easier to bring self-driving cars to the mainstream market.

“This is the first ever attempt where we are going to show you how collective data from vehicles can be used to their advantage for increased safety and efficiency. Such collaborative data is mandatory as it allows cars to communicate with one another seamlessly. In order to make connected systems more prominent, the industry should work together. Cars do need sensor data. A Toyota model should be able to read what the JLR car have collected in its journey and working together is important,” commented Alex Mangan, product marketing manager at Here.

With three of the world’s biggest car makers on board, it won’t be long before everyone joins the list and open their systems to allow vehicles to share data with ease. He also added that progress in connected driving system is really slow at the moment as companies are not so willing but the situation should change due to increasing competition and the need to deliver.

Communication Network to Connect Audi, BMW and Mercedes Cars

“OEMs are keen on keeping the technology and sales within their brand. In order to expand, they should also share data. The problem is even when they agree to share data, a BMW 5 series and 3 series may not share the exact same details. It is extremely different when the same is provided by an Audi and Mercedes. We need a unique and simple platform to normalize data and make use of Cloud storage to make cars send hazard warning as soon as it spots one,” he concluded.

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