Google Pixel XL is Way Better than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3T and LG V20

Google Pixel XL

It is a bold statement to make indeed, but there is no doubt that the Google Pixel XL is the best smartphone to have been released in 2016, at least from where we are standing.

Why a bold statement? Well, the year has seen quite an amazing set of handsets rolled out, among them the curved dual-edge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the LG V20, the dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus and even the highly affordable OnePlus 3T. But for sure, none of these phones ticks more boxes than what the Google Pixel XL does. Whether you are looking for great battery life, top-notch build quality, high-end performance, the best sound quality, innovation or even the general design of a phone – the Pixel XL has all that it takes to be crowned the best phone in 2016.

In fact, it is easy to say that the Google Pixel XL is an all-rounder when looking at the number of boxes it ticks, especially when considering that it actually the search engine’s first attempt into the smartphone world. Unlike most of the aforementioned handsets that end up with probably one or two standout features and fail miserably on the rest, the Google Pixel XL has an amazing balance.

We’ve seen innovative designs from the likes of LG V20 and LG G5, but the phones have lacked when it comes to build quality or even battery life. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has what it takes when it comes to design, but some reports have shown that the phone cannot be trusted when it comes to safety issues and the battery life is also not the best around. The likes of HTC 10 and iPhone 7 Plus bring in quite an amazing sound quality, but the lack of performance and innovation mean the Google Pixel XL still leads the way.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus and LG V20 come in with an amazing set of cameras, the Google Pixel XL has been ranked as the best by independent industry experts, DxOMark. Battery life of the Pixel XL is just exceptional, although some users have started raising complaints that the phone is suffering from the same issue that has been affecting some iPhone models where it goes off even when the battery is still at about 30%. Other than this, you will be sure to get through more than 30 hours with medium use, something that very few flagship handsets can manage.

Google Pixel XL

As far as performance is concerned, you’ll enjoy the lighting fast speeds the Pixel XL delivers, especially since it uses pure Android OS as opposed to other players that come with tweaked versions of the same OS, meaning they somehow get slower by a notch. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the fact that the handset supports Daydream VR right from scratch, a feature you won’t find on its competitors.

Google went further to integrate its own AI Assistant, making the phone an even better match for the Siri-based iPhone 7 Plus. The fact that it is owned and managed by Google also means that you get fast and timely updates as well as monthly security patches ahead of the rest of the party. With its minimalist UI, the Google Pixel XL promises to deliver the cleanest and smoothest Android experience that you won’t find on any other Android handset.

While some might not be impressed with the design language Google took with the back of the phone, it still means the phone stands out from the crowd with the weird-looking glass panel. Furthermore, the fact that the Google Pixel XL is priced at a huge price of $769 for the base model and $869 for the high-end variant could also mean the likes of OnePlus 3T get the nod ahead of the Pixel phone. But when looking at what the handset has to offer, true Android diehards will agree that this price is worth it, especially since there is really nothing wrong with the phone.

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  1. The ZTE Axion 7 for $399 has every feature even better than the over priced Pixel XL.. Amoled 2550X1440 display, USB C plus fast charge, up to 256G micrSD slot or used as a dual SIM card phone, excellent built metal case. I particularly love the sound from its stereo front speakers and the HiFi DAC, it just blow your mind with this amazing priced phone.

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