Google Project Fi is giving away a free Moto X4 Android One phone or Chromecast

Google Project Fi

We’ve seen Google Project Fi doing referral programs on several occasions, but none of them has gone to the extremes of offering a free Fi-compatible phone. But there’s always a first time for everything, right?

Well, from now all the way to December 17, 2017, Google Project Fi users can now earn themselves a free Moto X4 Android One phone or a Google Chromecast. To win the latter, you need to garner at least two or more referrals, but if you can convince up to seven people to join Project Fi, you get a free X4.

Of course, these two aren’t bad deals in any way, however, Google Project Fi might prove to be a hard sell given that you may not interested friends or family thanks to the limited set of supported devices. It gets even worse knowing the cost of the available devices, with the Moto X4 coming in as the most affordable priced at $400.

At the end of the challenge, Google Project Fi will also donate an impressive $50,000 to the ITDRC (Information Technology Disaster Resource Center) aimed at supporting disaster relief in the U.S. This donation should indeed be a welcome idea, especially when looking at the recent disasters that struck the country.

For more information on how this Google Project Fi referral challenge works, click here.

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