Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated 0.16.1 Version Offers Bug Fixes and New Features   

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.1

Ever since its initial release in September 2011, the nominally priced Minecraft Pocket Edition has become a run away hit almost all over the world.

The game manufacturer Majong has released some recent updates to this game in its 0.16.1 version for all its compatible platforms on smartphones.  This is following the various issues that cropped up after a Boss update for the game was launched a couple of weeks back. This version also boosts the game performance and is available for download and installation on the app stores of all supporting platforms. Even as players were enjoying the game better with this version after big fixes, they were welcomed with the news that the development team is working on a 0.17.0 update.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.1

Issues that have been fixed with 0.16.1 update

One major bug that was specific to the iOS platform is the game crashing problem. Every time the user tried to resume a game after pausing for a while, the game crashed without allowing to proceed further. This resulted in having to start playing the game right from the start instead of from where you left it. With the new version, Apple users can breathe a sigh of relief and resume their game at any point of time instead of having to start all over again.

When a new world was created, Minecraft Pocket Edition tended to crash unexpectedly. This issue was also taken into consideration in the 0.16.1 update and users need no longer be apprehensive of doing this anymore. Other occasions where crashes occurred and bugs are fixed include when a map is renamed, when fire arrows are used and when splash potions get generated via slash commands.

Realm crash that occurred when an item frame was kept in place has also been addressed in this version of the game.

What is new in this version of Minecraft Pocket Edition  

Independent of the platform you were playing the game, it was earlier not possible to either save a resource pack or delete a world. With the new update, you can do both these tasks very easily. However, the only constraint is that the chosen path must consist of UTF-8 characters.


Another feature that has found its way into the game for the first time is related to a player’s inventory slots. While no changes were entertained earlier, the player can now update them at his will. New items and blocks have also made their debut in this version. Wither is one such powerful mob that you will find in the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Like its earlier versions, creepers and snow golems are in plenty in the new game. The difference is that when a snow golem attacks a creeper in the new version, the latter tends to explode. This in turn results in reducing the creeper count in the course of the game. But, the best part is that now you can change them into small destructive mobs to save them from the golems.

Two highlights of the new version are boss fights and Add-Ons after a huge public demand. With the boss fights support, players can make the ocean monuments and laser shooting elite guardians located deep inside the ocean get involved in epic battles. Add-Ons do their fair bit to continue winning the hearts of the Majong game lovers. They help the gamer to modify or customize the game as per his or her choice. He or she can alter almost the whole game based on own preferences by modifying some numbers in a text file. A noteworthy point about the Add-Ons is that you can even share the Add-Ons that you create with your competing buddies. Interestingly, the Add-Ons feature has so far made their way only into the Pocket Edition version of the game. The developers are still in the process of rolling out the update to other versions.

Slash commands is yet another update that needs special mention. They can be used to send for mobs, give away items that you do not want and even modify the time of the day. You can convert a morning into a night setting and a night into a sunny afternoon!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Version 0.16.1

One major enhancement to the Minecraft Pocket Edition is that the player can now export and import realms. He or she can share the offline world that he is playing in with others in a realm. Alternatively, the realm world can be downloaded and the gamer can continue playing offline.

Gamers can design and use their own beacons that are quite popular in the PC version. Creating a beacon is very easy and the player needs just three Obsidian blocks, a Nether star and five glass blocks. Form the bottom most layer using the Obsidian blocks and top it with two glass blocks sandwiching the Nether star. Build the first and foremost layer with the remaining three glass blocks.

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