Google Working on a Plastic VR Headset, Looks More Like Samsung Gear VR

Google Cardboard

Google wants to improve on the developments it has been making on its Cardboard and instead come in with a handier VR headset.

With virtual reality and augmented reality set to take over the world, major tech companies have been making their efforts towards delving into this field public. While the Google Cardboard remains one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can get into the virtual reality world, it seems Google is not quite satisfied with the abilities and performance of this device.

The latest reports surfacing from the Financial Times reveal that the search engine giant has now embarked on developing a much better VR headset that will offer users with much better experience. The headset, which is believed to be plastic-based, will come with some of the best lenses in the VR world. In addition, Google will reportedly equip this device with much better sensors as opposed to what the Cardboard has, something that will push the device closer to the Samsung Gear VR in terms of resemblance.


As far as compatibility is concerned, Google will allow users of Android devices to make use of this headset in their day to day VR experiences. There is further word that we might soon be treated to native Android OS features that are specifically brewed for VR.

There are chances that Google might make use of the Nexus project technique and as a result, come in with a flagship headset. However, don’t be surprised if the company comes in with a similar arrangement as to what the Google Cardboard had where manufacturers were open to work on a version of the VR headset.

If the latest reports turn out to be true, there are possibilities that the new plastic VR headset might make its debut during the upcoming Google I/O developer conference.

Google Cardboard

Tough competition for Google

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming plastic VR headset by Google will look very similar to the current Samsung Gear VR. This already tells you that some companies already have their feet into this field, a field that Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t feel right to call it a technology niche. According to him, VR technology has some “interesting applications” in the real world.

Just recently, the iPhone maker started selling the View-Master VR headset via its online store, which is a huge hint that the company might finally be beginning to embrace this technology. Other major names in the tech industry such as Facebook, Microsoft and HTC have already made their mark in the VR industry and it seems Google’s efforts are to ensure that it gets a fair ground to compete with the latest devices that these companies have unveiled.

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