Grand Theft Auto 5: 4K Visual Mod Enhances The Visual Appeal Of The Game

Rockstar Games

With Grand Theft Auto 5 emerging as the most-watched game in 2021, this gaming franchise by Rockstar Games is more popular than ever today.

However, no matter how incredible a game is, one can always do a few things to make it better. Launched in 2013, GTA 5 has received numerous updates in the last seven years.

There have been a few updates, in particular, that are widely remembered for bringing something fresh and authentic to the game. The development team of GTA 5 is known to have an eye for detail and when it comes to graphics, there are very few games that can rival it. Now, one particular modder has taken up the responsibility to make the game appear even more gorgeous.

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According to reports published by DSO Gaming, a gamer with the user name BadassBaboon has been developing a texture pack for the game which would enhance the graphics of the game significantly. Titled ‘GTA V: Definitive Edition’, this particular mod uses 2K and 4K visuals to make the game look sharper and more modern. A few days ago, the modder shared a clip of this mod on YouTube.

The video, which has a duration of more than four minutes, gives one a glimpse into the kind of efforts that have gone into putting together these new visuals. The beach area looks a lot more detailed and the road textures also appear to be different. Apart from improving upon the main textures in the game, it also amplifies the visual appeal of some of the other elements in the game. The mod offers the game an additional layer of visual sharpness along with a heightened sense of realism.

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The report also states that BadassBaboon started working on this texture add-on a long time before Grove Street Games commenced work on Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Definitive Edition which proved to be a disaster. The similarities in the name, according to reports, is a mere coincidence. At the moment, GTA 5: Definitive Edition has not been made available to gamers. It is in its beta stage and is available for download to those who have contributed to the Patreon page of the modder.

One awaits Rockstar to make a formal announcement on its release date. Apart from this mod, what GTA fans are also waiting for is the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6, the next installment in the gaming franchise.

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