Grand Theft Auto Online Player Snipes a Target From Helicopter

Gta online sniper

Grand Theft Auto V provided its players with a large map that enabled them to explore a narrative set in San Andreas and Los Santos revolving around three important characters.

The launch of GTA V’s multiplayer mode was viewed as many as the next big step towards giving complete freedom to the players in navigating the game. Ever since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, many modifications have been implemented in GTA V’s online portion.

From the ‘Heists’ update that enabled players to form teams of four and embark upon set missions bearing a strong resemblance to the heists one came across in story mode to its newest update, a lot has been happening in the game. Contract Expansion, the most recent update, marked the return of Franklin to GTA along with an interesting cameo by DrDre.

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Now that hoverbikes, orbital airstrikes and laser miniguns are now available to players who are willing to splurge, fans have observed that certain weird and crazy things are happening in Los Santos.

Well, the occurrence of strange incidents results in more entertainment for gamers. Now, a player will get to experience something as they trying to steal a car and it attacking them. Many players have also encountered UFOs in the game!

The experience of playing the online version of a game is quite different from trying it out in offline mode. Over the years, many players have expressed their unhappiness and have spoken in community forums about how Grand Theft Auto Online is ‘too different’ from what GTA stands for. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that a large number of gamers have embraced the game with open arms and have enjoyed playing it.

Recently, one player, who seemingly believes in old school methods, had quite a special moment when he combined first-person mode and a sniper. This particular moment was captured in the form of a video clip that can be accessed on Reddit.

This video has been in my files for over 2 years and I still don’t understand how I hit that shot. from gtaonline

In the clip, one can see the player opening the cargo helicopter’s door (which is also known as the ‘cargobob’). He, then, looks around with a rifle. As he moves around further, he stumbles upon a player roaming around the streets. He takes an aim from the helicopter and shoots him down. The player continues to maintain his calm after this hit and throws a magazine flying towards the ground. The most interesting thing about this clip is that one gets the impression that the player is not using aim assist, a prominent feature in GTA Online, at all.

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The clip received a lot of appreciation from those who witnessed it. One of the spectators commented, “Guy went quickly from Gta to Warzone in Gta.” One would expect to come across such shots in Call of Duty or Battlefield but you must know that it is very much possible to execute such shots in GTA Online. Everything, at the end of the day, boils down to practice and precision.

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