Grand Theft Auto 5: Batman Mod Armed With Gadgets, Batsuits and Batvehicles Arrives In The Game


A freshly emerged piece of information should make Grand Theft Auto 5 players, who are also fans of the fictional superhero Batman, very happy.

The developing team of GTA 5 has put together a Batman mod for the game that includes interesting gadgets related to the character, batvehicles and batsuits.

JulioNIB, who has worked on creating mods based on characters like Jaws, Superman and Godzilla in the past, offered gamers a glimpse into their new creation with the help of a special video. The Batman Script Mod, developed by JulioNIB, enables PC players to wear a variety of Batsuits and move around Las Santos as Batman. It also gives them the option to play Bruce Wayne. The mod also features a melee combat that bears a resemblance to the fight one witnessed in the Arkham series.

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Those who have followed Batman through the comic books, movies and other mediums over the years, have been fascinated with the uber-stylish Batmobile he moves around with. Now, GTA 5 players will get to use as many as 12 different bat-vehicles. Some of these vehicles have been modeled on the ones you have already seen being a part of Batman’s world in popular media.


Apart from the 1989 Batmobile, you also get to drive the Tumbler that was seen in The Dark Knight Trilogy. You can drive these vehicles whenever you want. Along with the cars, there are a couple of other interesting vehicles including the Batcycle and Batplane. What’s interesting is that each of these bat-vehicles comes with its own set of unique weapons.

When it comes to gadgets, you also get a variety of options to choose from. One of the interesting gadgets that you can find Batman using is the Batarang. You can use it in different versions or modes including smoke, electricity, disarm mode, incendiary, explosive and freeze. You also get to use the Batclaw that proves to be useful when Batman needs to find a grip or balance on flying planes, buildings or powerful opponents.

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The Disruptor Gun can be used when you want to create a chaotic situation by making vehicles go out of control. It works quite similarly to the hacking mechanic you would have come across in Watchdogs: Legion. Another interesting weapon is the Krypto Spear which helps in piercing down even those enemies who are far away from you. The pellets, which explode with fire, ice and smoke, are also very powerful.

At the moment, the Batman mod is in its pre-release stage and is available to those who subscribed to the Patreon page of JulioNIB. Gamers are hopeful that a release version of the mod will come out in the next couple of weeks.

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