Grand Theft Auto 6: Leaker Names Four Songs That Could Be Heard In The Upcoming Game

GTA 6 Developer

Though Rockstar Games hasn’t even acknowledged the fact that it is developing Grand Theft Auto 6, it has not stopped the rumor mills from churning out unconfirmed reports about it.

The community of GTA 6 fans is very large and all the fans keenly look forward to any news related to the upcoming game dropping on the internet.

In the last couple of months, a large number of leakers have shared information pertaining to the game, its settings and the kind of content one can expect it to have. Now, a leaker has named four songs, which they confidently assert, will be played in the radio stations featuring in the game.

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Music has been an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and has often played an important role in taking the narrative in the game forward. It would be an exaggeration to say that the music in the game has been discussed more widely than the weaponry provided to the gamers. Many gamers have often pointed out how the real essence of GTA lies in stealing a car and moving around in it with some mind-bending music playing on the radio. Because of this, it is quite natural to see players being excited at the prospect of getting to know about which songs they will get to hear in GTA 6.

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GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS, a Twitter who often spills the beans on Grand Theft Auto 6, translated a particular tweet where a leaker had claimed to receive information about four songs that will be played in the in-game radio stations in GTA 6. As per the translation, leaker Matheusvictorbr- stumbled upon two songs in a radio segment. These two songs were ‘Odessa’ by Caribou and ‘Domino Dancing’ by Pet Shop Boys. Two other songs, namely ‘Numb’ by Rihanna featuring Eminem and ‘Nonsense Youth’ by Santigold were discovered by the leaker while listening to a radio fragment.

Each of the four songs discovered by Matheusvictorbr- are distinctly different from each other. Interestingly, this claim made by Matheusvictorbr- is related to another unverified information by them in the past. They had earlier stated that Grand Theft Auto 6’s alpha version, a glimpse of which they saw in the year 2019, featured more than 20 radio stations. With the next title by Rockstar Games slated to release soon, gamers are speculating about the kind of music they can expect to hear in it.

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