Grand Theft Auto 6 Game Length Discovered; Rumor or True?

GTA 6 concept maps

If a new rumor, which has come to the fore recently, turns out to be true, Rockstar Games has plans to mount Grand Theft Auto 6 on a massive scale.

The rumors, that came out a while back, indicated towards the upcoming edition of the GTA franchise being set in Vice City. Vice City, as one would know, is a fictional city that has been modeled on Miami.

MichealPatcher, a prominent industry insider and analyst, has claimed that Vice City will not be the only city GTA 6 will be set in. According to Patcher, San Andreas, Liberty City and Europe are some of the other locations the game will touch upon. While he didn’t include the name of Los Santos, there is a good chance of it being one of the prominent locations as well. Patcher has also made a revelation about the length of the game. As per him, GTA 6’s length could be anywhere between 400 and 600 hours.

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If the information shared by Patcher proves to be accurate, Grand Theft Auto 6 would emerge as the most ambitious game in the GTA franchise. Patcher has stated that because of the ambitious plans Rockstar Games has in mind, the game is taking a very long time to develop. He further claimed that Rockstar started developing the game in 2014 and 2024 is the year when one could expect it to release.

According to Patcher, Rockstar Games started the process of developing the game by trying to put together the story and by 2015, they started writing code. The industry expert said that a lot of people were under the impression that Rockstar Games was not working very actively towards developing the game but the truth is that the 200-plus member team has been working round-the-clock for years to ensure that GTA 6 turns out to be the most wholesome game in the gaming franchise.

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Elaborating further on the game, he stated that GTA 6 will give players the opportunity to move across the different locations in the game as and when they wish to. He also shared that the game will have very well-designed missions that will offer you the opportunity to experience a lot of action and thrill in gorgeous locations. The elaborate length of the game, he asserted, is a result of Rockstar Games incorporating diverse elements in it.

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