Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Not Be Set in Vice City After All!


A very observant Grand Theft Auto fan might have just discovered the location in which GTA 6 could be set in.

If this fan’s prediction proves to be true, then all the rumors surrounding the upcoming edition of the game might fall flat. Till now, most leaks and rumors have pointed towards Vice City, a fictional version of Miami, to be the primary location for GTA 6.

According to the fan, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Liberty City, a location that has remained unvisited by players since the year 2008. Just like Vice City, Liberty City, too, was modeled on another city that exists in the real world. When you visit Liberty City, you realize it has a lot of similarities with the way New York City looks and feels. You might be wondering whether the person making these claims has any substantial evidence to back them. Well, as it turns out, his claims are based on a probable Grand Theft Auto 6 tease that came to the fore last month.

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In February, one received news about the website of Rockstar Games promoting Grand Theft Auto Online with a bloodstained notebook that featured a police logo on it. While one can conclude many things based on this vivid image, many GTA fans pointed out that the badge on the notebook bears a striking resemblance to the police department badge of Liberty City. While there are some similarities, one would need more evidence to make further claims.

The logo on the notebook might not be a clear indication of GTA 6 being set in Liberty City but there is a chance of it signaling the arrival of a Liberty City GTA Online expansion. It could also be a tease of the GTA 4 remaster which is said to be in the development process.

At the moment, it would be better to process this information for what it is, a speculation. Those expecting Rockstar Games to clear the air about it might have to face disappointment as the gaming publisher is known to maintain a dignified silence on all kinds of rumors and leaks. If this news turns out to be true, it would delight all those who have played the older version of GTA in Liberty City or have often imagined the game to be set in a city that closely resembles New York City.

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