The Sims 4: New Update Adds A Controversial Element In The Game

Sims 4

The Sims 4 fans were overjoyed when the game received a new update a couple of days ago.

It was a free update that resulted in the inclusion of curved walls, new fears and body hair in the game. However, along with all these things that would appeal to all players, it also brought in a controversial element in the form of incestual relationships. The update has marked the arrival of a few other issues as well. After the launch of this particular update, the characters seem to be aging at a faster rate.

Many of the leading portals have pointed out that many of the characters in the game seem to be dating the members of their families. One player brought this issue to the fore when he shared a screenshot that offered ample proof of the character of an older woman wishing to date her son. Another player came forward and shared the details of a bug report which featured information about a male sim wanting his twin sister to be his girlfriend. An Xbox player wrote about how he witnessed a young woman wanting to be in a relationship with her father.

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A lot of players, quite naturally, are feeling disgusted with the introduction of this particular element in the game. Modders joined hands with Sims 4 players in investigating this issue and found out that this issue was the result of the “Wants” system. This particular system was also present in some of the earlier games in the Sims franchise. There is a good possibility of a bug in the game has resulted in the creation of “Wants” which, in turn, is making characters want to be in a romantic relationship with the members of their family.

The good news is that Electronic Arts has made a note of the presence of this bug and is working towards driving it away. A member of their development team has already confirmed, via Twitter, that measures are being taken to deal with this ‘incest’ problem in the game.

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