Grand Theft Auto 6 Insider Makes a Prediction About Its Release Timeline

GTA 6 insider

Adrien Perea, a popular gaming insider who often shares information about GTA games, has made a prediction about the release timeline pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Through this official Twitter account, the insider claimed that GTA 6 will be officially announced in the year 2023.

A couple of months back, Rockstar Games had confirmed that it was working towards developing the next game in the GTA series. The gaming publisher, however, refrained from sharing any further details about the game. It didn’t confirm the official title of the game. If the prediction made by Adrien Perea turns out to be true, official confirmation will come from Rockstar Games next month.

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Perea has also claimed that the first gameplay trailer for GTA 6 will be launched sometime in late 2024. 2025 is the year, according to Perea, when the game will be launched for everybody to play. Interestingly, a while after sharing all this information through a tweet, Pereadeleted it. In the same tweet, the insider had shared an important update about Red Dead Redemption 3. According to him, the game is currently in its pre-production stage.

gta 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 is all set to be one of the biggest offerings by Rockstar Games. While there was speculation around the game for a long time, Rockstar confirming its development in February this year has led to a barrage of rumors, leaks, and unconfirmed reports about it coming to the fore. The massive success of GTA 5 has made fans further excited about GTA 6 and all that it could offer them.

If the information shared by Perea proves to be accurate, GTA fans would have to wait for several months for Rockstar to share anything substantial about GTA 6. Before that, however, there should be a lot of unverified information about the game that should keep fans engaged.

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