GTA 6 Easter Eggs: Here’s What You Can Expect From Them

gta 6 easter eggs

For GTA fans, Easter eggs have always been an important topic.

Hiding important elements in a game and getting players to find them is a strategy employed by several gaming publishers for their titles. However, Rockstar Games has always been ahead of others in this regard. The gaming publisher has managed to keep the interest of the fans alive by imploring them to discover several interesting elements in the multiple games spawned out of the GTA franchise.

After the recent GTA 6 leak, fans have been even more excited about the Easter eggs that the much-awaited game would offer them. While fans are making speculations, different publications have even predicted what they should expect from the Easter eggs.

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Strange Men, a popular YouTuber who discusses games, has compiled a list of Easter eggs that one should look forward to seeing in GTA 6. The YouTuber went a step further and posted a video on this subject as well. Here, we discuss some of the Easter egg elements listed by Strange Men. The YouTuber compiled this particular list after going through a bunch of articles about Easter egg elements expected to be seen in GTA 6. While some of these articles came out prior to the recent leak, many of them were published after the leak happened.

According to Strange Men, fans should look forward to seeing the Skunk Ape making an appearance on GTA 6. The presence of the Bigfoot will definitely add a lot of value to the game. Fans’ investment in this character can be gauged by the fact that the name ‘Skunk Ape’ was coined by them. While some of the earlier games in the GTA franchise made a reference to this character, one might just get to witness it in a full-fledged avatar in GTA 6.

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A while back, players got very excited when they stumbled upon a satanic ritual in Red Dead Redemption 2. Since then, there has been a lot of discussion around a satanic house that might be a part of GTA 6. Strange Men strongly believes that players’ wish to see a satanic house will be fulfilled with the arrival of GTA 6. As per the YouTuber, players might also come face-to-face with a serial killer in this satanic house.

Strange Men’s claim of UFOs being a part of GTA 6 has got many players excited. Many players are of the opinion that there will be a large number of UFO Easter eggs in the game and most of them would be difficult to find. Since many of the games in the GTA franchise, including GTA Online, have featured UFO-themed events, there is a solid chance of UFO-based elements being present in GTA 6.

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