Blizzard Offers Important Update on Issues with Overwatch 2

Overwatch Players Can Now Choose Skins Before a Match

Recently, Blizzard shared a forum post that addressed the problems that cropped up during the release of Overwatch 2.

Through this post, the gaming publisher addressed some of the most serious issues pertaining to the game. It also shared some details on how it is working towards resolving these issues.

The first twenty-four hours after the launch of Overwatch 2 proved to be a nightmare for engineers at Blizzard and players. Apart from coming face-to-face with a serious DDoS attack, many players came forward and spoke about the issues they faced while merging different accounts and the kind of inconvenience they faced because some items went missing.

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Ever since Blizzard Head Mike Ybarra and Overwatch Director Aaron Keller released official statements regarding the server issues and the DDoS attack, the company had maintained silence on it. Now that a statement has been issued via a forum post, things have changed.

Through the forum post released on Wednesday, Community Managed Jodie addressed the fans and apologized to them on behalf of the company. He went on to speak about the problems that had been hampering the overall gameplay experience for the players. The first problem that was discussed by Jodie was SMS Protect. Designed as a security feature, it was supposed to bring down the level of toxicity in the game and control the activities of players who were found to have multiple accounts.

Addressing the server issues, Blizzard said that its database had become overloaded. Through the forum post, it shared that the team has carried out a server update that should resolve the login reliability issues. According to the publisher, players should not face any difficulties while trying to log in and play the game.

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Players, who had merged their accounts on the platform, have spoken about the issue of some of their items going missing. While trying to get their hands on inventory items like sprays and skins, they encountered locked icons. According to Blizzard, two major factors have played a role in the emergence of this issue.

Many of the console players did not receive the account merge prompt when they were trying to sign in. Because of this, they were still seeing the locked icons. While the user interface was fixed partially, Blizzard is still working on trying to find a permanent fix for it. The other reason behind this, according to Blizzard, it is taking a while for them to update the inventory list.

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