Unusual Knife in CS:GO – Butterfly Knife | Night

Knives in CS:GO have long ceased to be acquired as a defensive item.

Currently, by buying knives, players show their status and join the cult of sticker lovers and various weapon skins. For example, Butterfly Knife Night.

What kind of weapon is it?

This knife belongs to the Operation Breakout case. Butterfly Knife is the category of ordinary standard knives. In combat, it is characterized by the same qualities as standard knives.

The butterfly knife is made in an unusual design:

  • there are two handles that diverge;
  • it can be folded by removing the blade between two handles;
  • the handles and blade are straight with a slight bend.

The knife has well-designed animations that you want to repeat over and over again with the combination of the “R” and “F” keys. The player rotates the knife by one of the handles, you can throw it in the air, and perform various tricks with it. There are around 20 colors for this model.

This knife is often bought because of its unique inspection animation. Butterfly Knife has two different animations that are randomly displayed. One shows how the player simply opens the knife. Another shows that the player rotates the knife by opening it with his hand before taking the knife. Externally, the weapon is very similar to the traditional Spanish knife, Navajo.


The Night skin has an average price among the skins of this Butterfly Knife item. In this skin, the surface of the entire knife is painted black with a slight addition of blue paint to some parts. Dark blue paint has been applied to the knife handle surface. Now, a little about the difference in quality. As Field-Tested the biggest abrasions are on the surface of the blade and bend.

These abrasions slightly spoil the appearance of the knife, because they have a completely untidy look that contrasts against the background of black paint. But at the same time, the price itself drops by almost four times, which definitely raises the quality of this skin in our eyes.

What is the price?

It is important to recognize that coloring affects pricing. The best items have beautifully colored skins; the worst are in bad condition with scratches and/or black spots. This knife is not cheap. For a rare color, you can pay more. A minimal wear knife is $750 and a Battle-Scarred knife is $400. Such weapons can be a good investment because in the future such skins will only rise in price.

It is noteworthy that the Butterfly Knife has been in the game for several years, but its value remains at a very high level.

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