GTA 6: Rockstar Games Accidentally Leaks Title Of The Upcoming Game

GTA 6 concept maps

A couple of months back, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on developing the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

While the announcement brought in a lot of cheer among the fans, the gaming publisher refrained from releasing any further information about the game. A lot of fans believed that the upcoming game, keeping in mind the strategy Rockstar Games has followed so far, will be titled Grand Theft Auto 6 as it succeeds GTA 5. Rockstar Games, however, did not offer any clarification on its title either.

Recently, a bunch of GTA fans asserted that Rockstar Games has accidentally leaked the official title of the game. As per fans, the gaming publisher, for a short period of time, put together a YouTube playlist on its channel which was titled ‘Grand Theft Auto Vice’. They have claimed that the playlist was live on the channel for some time before Rockstar deleted it.

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This particular activity, which seems to be a mistake committed by Rockstar Games, was noticed by Grand Theft Auto fans on Twitter. According to the fans, this particular error was committed by Rockstar Games Australia and New Zealand.

This incident resulted in more rumors being fuelled about the game. Now, many fans believe that the trailer for the upcoming game will be released in a few hours from now. They are of the opinion that Rockstar Games is making preparations to launch the official YouTube channel of the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto and therefore, the trailer should drop anytime soon.

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A Twitter user, who happened to be a GTA fan, pointed out that Rockstar Games has a reputation of releasing its trailers on Friday, so there is a good chance of the next GTA game’s trailer dropping on a Friday in the next couple of weeks.

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