Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Receives Its First Patch in Three Months


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has received its first patch in almost three months.

This patch has been designed to bring about improvements in the visuals and stability offered by the three games. GTA trilogy was released in November 2021 and as soon as players started using it, they noticed a bunch of performance-related issues with it.

When Rockstar Games launched the 1.03 update, fans expected it to speak about this issue and offer a solution to it. Surprisingly, the gaming publisher refrained from speaking about it. It seems Rockstar was quietly working towards creating a patch that would contribute towards resolving these problems.

The new 1.04 patch has been released on all major platforms and implemented on all three Grand Theft Auto games. This patch will fix the problem that players were encountering while retrying a particular mission from the checkpoint. It also aims to resolve many of the collision issues that players had been facing.

In the last three months, Rockstar Games seems to have put in a lot of effort towards creating an intricate patch that would help in fixing the aforementioned issues. One gets this impression as the patch notes comprise more than 120 updates to Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy.

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In GTA 3, there are fixes available for multiple issues including misplaced textures. There was also a problem with the text displayed on the market arches in Chinatown. This patch seeks to resolve this problem as well. Apart from that, it will also fix a major problem with the ‘K-JAH Radio’ icon.

Recently, Rockstar Games improved the quality of the windows put up on the Moist Palms Hotel that one comes across in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It resolved another issue that, in turn, led to BJ appearing in an incorrect manner during the all-important cut-scene that takes place after procuring Sunshine Autos. It also made alterations in the collision closer to the parking lot near the Print Works.

A while back, certain updates were made to San Andreas that resulted in the High Fade haircut looking better. One also noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the audio that is played during the mission titled Sweet’s Girl. The user interface on the driving school television also got better.

The Definitive Edition of GTA Trilogy, which was launched in November 2021, featured Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Despite all the hype surrounding it, it had a rather turbulent launch. Since then, Rockstar Games has come up with multiple patches in a bid to fix the issues plaguing the newer versions of the game.

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