Microsoft Makes Important Alterations in Xbox Game Pass Quests

Xbox game pass

Ever since Xbox Game Pass Quests was launched, a large number of individuals have subscribed to it and have used it to gain free Microsoft Rewards Points by performing uncomplicated tasks and playing highly engaging games.

This particular program enables Xbox Game Pass subscribers to enjoy playing different types of games and remain an active member of the Xbox community.

Microsoft has made it a point to update the program on a regular basis. Now, it is all set to launch a new update that will bring about significant changes in the game. While there will be lesser number of rewards for easy tasks, players will get multiple options to choose from when they are entitled to a big reward.

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Till now, Xbox Game Pass Quests users managed to win a large number of Microsoft Reward points by performing simple tasks. One of the quests involved users having to log into the mobile app of Xbox Game Pass to be able to win 5 reward points. Now, this update has led to this quest being eliminated. One of the daily quests, wherein the players would stand to win 5 points, now allows them to earn only 3 reward points. Looking at the situation, it can be asserted that the number of small rewards in Xbox Game Pass Quests have come down significantly.

To minimize the disappointment faced by players, Microsoft has now made larger rewards more accessible. For instance, the 1,000 point reward that players get after finishing daily and weekly quests can be won more easily now. Now, players can stake their claim to the 1,000 point reward by completing just about 22 daily quests. Even if players miss out on a day, they stand to win the reward. With this change coming into place, one can expect the number of players winning large rewards in Xbox Game Pass Quests to increase significantly.

Microsoft is taking several other steps to make up for the reduction in smaller rewards. Two Bonus Round quests are scheduled to be launched this month. However, winning some of the big rewards would still require a lot of effort to be put by players. To win 2,000 points, users will be given a variety of tasks to perform including using Bing for as many as five days and performing a set of tasks every day. To celebrate Women’s History Month, a bonus task has been designed which will require players to finish a big task to win 500 points.

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However, despite all these new additions, many players have been disappointed with the reduction in the number of daily rewards. Many players also believe that Xbox Game Pass Quests is offering temporary bonus rewards to users as it has plans to continue limiting reward dispersal in the near future. If this turns out to be true, then those who were using Microsoft Rewards for using Xbox Live Gold would face a lot of issues.

With so many alterations being game, one had expected Microsoft to explain the reason behind it as well but that hasn’t happened so far.

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